3v3 Team Registration

Soccer Life Mastery 3v3 Futsal Championships
Adelaide, South Australia

Registrations Close:
3rd December 2021

Choose The Age Category You Are Registering For

This is a coed competition. However, the eligibility of girls is of an additional year as shown below. For example, an U10 boy and U11 girl can compete in the same team and age category. Players must be age-eligible to participate according to the age categories. 

Players can participate above their age group but cannot participate in categories below their age group. The oldest player on the team determines the eligibility for the entire team.

Please note that players will be not eligible to participate if they do not register and make payment by the 3rd December 2021.

Team registration is free of charge ($0)

U10 Boys & U11 Girls

U12 Boys & U13 Girls

U14 Boys & U15 Girls