Mastery Football Academy 
3v3 Futsal Championships

Event Date: Friday October 14th 2022 | 9am – 4pm
Step 1 – Register your team
Step 2 – Your Players Must Register And Pay The Registration Fee
Cost: Early Bird = $49 | After October 1st = $59


Ages 7 to 14


Mastery Football Academy 3v3 Futsal Championships

3v3 Futsal Championships by Mastery Football Academy | Adelaide, South Australia


What To Expect

Plays lots of games across the day with a group stage and knock out finals.

Meet and socialise with other soccer players from all over Adelaide

Be a part of the fun, intense and exciting environment.

Experience the engaging game style of 3v3 Futsal.

Win prizes, medals and trophies.

What You Should Know

Ages 7 -14

Games are 12 minutes long and are very similar rules to traditional Futsal.

No goalkeepers are needed as they are small goals.

Did you know we have had prizes from Nike, Adelaide United and Bounce?

3v3 Futsal is incredible at teaching players to act and think fast, along with keeping a triangle shape and reacting to transitions at speed.

Coaches can use this day to highlight these aspects and help their players learn so they can have more success on the football field.

The event is located in The Parks Recreation Centre. It is well facilitated with a Cafe, table tennis, swimming centre, air conditioner and so much more.

How To Get Started

Anyone can register a team for the event. You do NOT need to be a part of the Soccer Life Mastery Academy.

You can make your own team with your best friends or get your club or academy to register for you.

Teams require a minimum of 4 players registered.

Teams and players must be registered two weeks prior to the event.

Event Details

3v3 Futsal Championships by Mastery Football Academy | Adelaide, South Australia

The Soccer Life Mastery 3v3 Futsal Championships will be on the Friday of school holidays. It is a one day event spanning from 9am to 4:00pm depending on the fixtures of your registered team and if you make it to the Grand Finals. The Parks Recreation and Sports Centre will be the venue where the event takes place.

Only 12 teams per age group so be quick. We would hate for you to miss out!

Date: Friday October 14th 2022
Venue: The Parks Recreation and Sports Centre
Time: 9am – 4:00pm (approximately)
Team Registration Fee = Free
Player Registration Fee;
Early Bird = $49 | After 8th of July = $59


Age Groups
U7/8 (2014/2015)
U9/10 (2013/2012)
U11/12 (2011/2010)
U13/14 (2009/2008)

This is a co-ed competition. However, the eligibility of girls is of an additional year as shown above. Meaning an U10 boy and U11 girl can compete in the same team and age category.

Teams can participate above their age group but cannot participate in categories below their age group. The oldest player in the team dictates which age category they are eligible for

Anyone can register

This includes event details, game rules and fixtures.

Reviews & Feedback | 3v3 Futsal Championships

3v3 Futsal Championships by Mastery Football Academy | Adelaide, South Australia

Tournament Structure

3v3 Futsal Championships by Mastery Football Academy | Adelaide, South Australia

Each age category will have a maximum of 12 teams, split into two groups.

In the group stage, each team in the group will verse each other for points.

The teams with the most points from both groups will play against each other in the quarter and/or semi finals.

The winners will play in the grand finals to see who comes out on top!

Anyone can register!

What To Expect On The Day

3v3 Futsal Championships by Mastery Football Academy | Adelaide, South Australia

Compete With Friends and
Players From All Over Adelaide

Meet new footballers, make new friends and play the sport you love. What better way to spend a day in the school holidays.

With 3v3 Futsal it is easy to create your own team! Just grab a couple friends, make sure you are all registered and you are all good to go!

With players from all over Adelaide participating, this is the time to see if you have what it takes to master the court!

There are prizes to win, so this holiday event is not something you want to miss out on!

Improve Your Skills

3v3 Futsal is one of the best ways to improve your soccer skills. 3v3’s are fun, engaging and effective are improving soccer players. 

Firstly, there are less players meaning the players will have more time with the ball.

Secondly, with a smaller court and goals it means that players have less time to react, choose and execute decisions. Developing this part of a footballer is crucial.

Thirdly, less players mean that everyone has an increased responsibility and role in attacking and defending. Everyone is always involved whether its scoring goals or saving goals.

Enjoy The Accomodating Facility

The Parks Recreation and Sports Centre is a magnificent venue providing quality courts, change rooms, cafe as well as gym and aquatics facilities.

Surrounding the venue is something for everyone. There are various soccer fields, a library, performing arts theatre and a roller skating club.

This venue will ensure parents and players will be satisfied. Whether you want to take a seat in the venue and watch the games or explore the activities and facilities in the local area.

Make sure to register your team and players! 

How To Get Started | 3 Simple Steps

3v3 Futsal Championships by Soccer Life Mastery | Adelaide, South Australia


1. Register Your Team

Make sure you and your friends register a team!

2. Register Your Player

Now your team has been registered its time to ensure all players register!

3. Compete In The Championships

All done! It’s time to compete! Await emails from us and your team official