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Mastery Football Academy | Soccer, Futsal & Goalkeeper Training Programs For Girls & Boys | Adelaide, SA

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We Understand How Frustrating & Damaging It Is To Have Poor Coaching & Training Sessions

Mastery Football Academy | Soccer, Football & Goalkeeper Training Programs For Girls & Boys | Adelaide, SA

Academy Curriculum
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Bad training is WORSE than no training

❌ Receiving bad training results in bad habits.
❌ These bad habits are hard to undo and it leaves players performing poorly and constantly trying to catch up to the level of their peers.
✅ Training sessions must be informative, engaging, and intense.
✅ Coaches must have a planned session detailing the topic, how each exercise relates to the topic, and what communication and coaching cues will be said.
✅ Must be executed and communicated in an organised, clear, and passionate way so players can learn as best as possible.

Wasted time and missed opportunities
❌ Wasting time and opportunities is the most dangerous thing a player can do for their success
❌ Not receiving proper training will stop players from being selected for opportunities like SAPSASA, State Programs & the A-Team of their clubs.
❌ Missing out on these opportunities means they will continue to train with worse players and coaches, plus play in low-level competitions.
✅ Alternatively, the quicker a player develops, the quicker they will begin being selected for these opportunities to play with better players and coaches.

Training a team to win is COMPLETELY different from training a player to develop. Player Development Curriculums are key.
❌ Most coaches train their team to win rather than focusing on player development. This leaves all players underdeveloped in most areas.
❌ Most coaches don’t follow a curriculum which means players become completely undeveloped in a lot of areas in their game.
❌ Most coaches do not plan their sessions which means the exercises and communication will be poor and not effective for development.
✅ To develop elite players, coaches must follow a player-focused curriculum that details exactly what they will be working on each week and each training cycle.
✅ From the age of 3, our academy has a step-by-step curriculum that details exactly what they will learn so by the time they are a senior they have mastered every element of football.

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Adelaide Soccer Academy | Professional Coaching & Training | Mastery Football Academy

Our Expectations & Standards

Expectations From Coaches

Ensure all players are aware of the Academy’s rules, standards, expectations and consequences.

Ensure sessions are intense, informative but also engaging and enjoyable.

Ensure all sessions are well thought out, planned, organised and aligned to the Mastery Football Academy curriculum.

Ensure that aggression and intimidation are NOT used to coach. If a player is not understanding, be better prepared with your coaching cues.

Ensure all parents and players are spoken to with respect. Coaches are to give their time to answer any questions or queries.

All sessions are to reviewed and self-analysed after completion to ensure weekly improvements.

Coaches are to carry themselves in a way that all players should be aware and comfortable enough to converse or confide in you – whether it is about football, school or anything else.

We are mentors not just coaches. We are teach players not just how to be better players but also how to be better people.

We are here to instil the principals of success in our academy players. Teaching them about work ethic, communication, team work and more.

Remind players that they are here to do ALL of the following: learn, improve and enjoy themselves.

 Expectations From Players

You are responsible for understanding the Academy’s rules, standards, expectations and consequences.

The Academy is not a playground. Players should be able to enjoy themselves, but not at the cost of the quality of the session. Growing and learning as a person and footballer is the main focus and should be what gives you joy.

Misbehaving and not following the instructions of coaches will not be tolerated. Misbehaving players will be sat out from the class. Continued misbehaviour will result in the expulsion of the player.

Learn to love mistakes. Do not fear mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn.

A strong work ethic is expected and non-negotiable.

You are expected to have open ears and the desire to learn and improve.

Disturbing the session and preventing others from being able to learn is not tolerated.

Conversations and discussions are welcomed with open arms. Communication is an important two-way street, however it must be done appropriately.

Schedules can be difficult. However, if you are consistently late you must find a more suitable session time.

Persistently failing to comply with the Academy’s rules, standards and expectations may result in expulsion of the session.

Most importantly, enjoy the process of achieving the highest levels of elite sports performance.

We Go Above & Beyond For Your Success With Professional Sports Technology & Masterclasses

Mastery Football Academy | Soccer, Futsal & Goalkeeper Training Programs For Girls & Boys | Adelaide, SA

Football Brain Masterclass | Veo 2 Camera + Premium Analytics

Our Veo 2 Camera + Pro Veo Analytics allows players to see exactly what they are doing right and wrong so they can improve faster than anyone else. With Veo Pro Analytics players can swiftly see and download their best highlights so they can share with friends, coaches and agents.

Athleticism Masterclass | Catapult Sports GPS Trackers

We have invested in 30 Catapult One GPS Trackers so that players can learn about sports technology whilst getting the full benefits of it. We can track progress on how fast they run & how many impactful moments they had. Plus track progress on their fitness and how hard they work. We can even generate reports so players can use this information to see progress and show coaches/clubs/agents their physical capabilities and output.

Mindset Masterclass | Guest Speaker + Mindset Mastery Book

We help our Academy players build the right mindset so they can achieve success in football and any other area of their life!

We had a guest speaker talk about the importance of developing good habits, staying focused on your goal, avoiding distractions and temptations, having good role models and positive peer groups and so much more!

Academy Director Kyle took the players through our very own Mindset Mastery book to help players understand their goals, how to self-analyse your own ability and so much more!

See Our Mindset Mastery Book! 

Have a look at our brand new Mindset Mastery books that we created from scratch to make sure that they are PERFECT for our academy players!

The book teaches players about setting goals, understanding their dreams and goals, self analysing, and tracking progress on their development each week, and so much more!

Many players love video games such as FIFA. Many kids know that the more you level up your video game character, the better success you can get. Our message as an academy and in the book is that life is the same, and you are the character!

So if you turn off the video games, focus on levelling up yourself you will begin to see how much progress you will make in your football journey! 

Meet The Team

Kyle Theodoroulakes
Academy Director

Coaching History

Kyle specialises in developing youth players where he holds both a  FFA/AFC “C” Youth License and Futsal License.

Kyle coaches dozens of sessions a week. He has extensive experience dealing with all ages and abilities, from beginner to elite. He runs primary and high school programs, as well as the Mastery Football Academy full-time.

He was the head coach of the South Australian 2020 U12 Red Futsal team where they made it to the semi-finals in the National Futsal Championships.

He now runs Mastery Football Academy full time running the Academy programs and events such as the Mastery Football Academy  3v3 Futsal Championships.

Player History

Kyle was born in 1998 in Adelaide in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. Joining Seaford Rangers FC,  his first club at the age of six. 

Unfortunately, Kyle was diagnosed with Chronic Calf Compartment Syndrome from a young age. Despite the condition, Kyle was scouted by Gabriele Cioffi from an Adelaide Clinic hosted by Diego Pelligrini.

Under their guidance, Kyle joined the “L’Aquila Calcio Academy”, a professional “Serie C” club.

He was fortunate to be underneath an incredibly experienced and qualified coaching staff. To name a few of the coaches he has learnt from:

  • Ianni Maurizio
  • Pierfrancesco Battistini
  • Renato Greco
  • Marco Laureti
  • Alessandro Caruso
  • Guglielmo Bonati
  • Savino Napoli

After spending 4 years playing in Italy, Kyle decided to return home due to his inability to overcome his calf compartment syndrome.

Inacio Pinto
Creative Director

Inácio Pinto has done a postgraduate degree in the field of soccer and Futsal training and development in Brazil in 2008.

However has been a Futsal and football coach since 2003 specialising in youth development where he has worked in several clubs across a variety of age groups spanning from U7’s to U16’s.

Inacio then moved to Australia to worked for Melbourne city FC as the international students program coordinator. He organised community programs and also facilitated them as the head coach.

Inacio has immense experience in women’s football having been the head coach at the all girls school “Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School” and head coach of the Maccabi FC U14 girls team.

Inacio has now joined the Soccer Life Mastery Academy as Technical Director. We know he will be a great addition in ensuring our players are achieving the highest levels of coaching and mentoring.

Inacio’s youth career involved playing at the highest levels of Brazil including clubs such as Bragantinto FC and São Paulo FC (Serie A).

Jose Chavez
Specialist Technical Coach

Michelle Soccer Life Mastery Academy

Michelle Theodoroulakes
Business Manager

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Mastery Football Academy | Soccer, Futsal & Goalkeeper Training Programs For Girls & Boys | Adelaide, SA

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