Development Program (Skills & Athleticism)

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Tuesdays & Thursdays at Park 19 (City)
Wednesdays at Elizabeth Grove SC
Fridays at Salisbury Villa SC


What Is The Development Program (Skills & Athleticism)

Adelaide’s Skills & Athleticism Soccer Development Program | Mastery Football Academy

Basic Information

Suitable For: Ages 7-18+

Term Length: This programs coincide with school terms

Duration: 1-hour sessions

Why Choose This Program: 

Popular: Our most popular program. It is designed to rapidly develop players’ individual skills and athleticism so that they can shine and be valued by their peers and coaches.

Individual Focused: Club programs are about helping a team perform better whereas this academy program is specifically designed to only focus on the individuals’ development.

Strength & Conditioning: Athleticism and injury prevention is an important part of the game. This is why we aim to have a strength and conditioning coach at every session.

Successful Pathway: Our academy has a pathway of programs that take players from a beginner level to an elite level where they can compete locally, interstate and overseas.

Surpass Your Peers: Join now and watch your skills, athleticism and confidence quickly surpass your peers and competition.

Proven Success: Don’t believe us? Look at all the success stories and testimonials that we consistently achieve so you can be certain you have chosen the right program.

Sessions / Locations To Choose From

City: Tuesdays & Thursdays at Park 19 (Adelaide Comets OLD Grounds)

North: Wednesdays at Elizabeth Grove Soccer Club

North: Fridays at Salisbury Villa Soccer Club

Times & Age Groups
6pm for Ages 7-12  |  7:05pm for ages 13-18+

How To Get Started

Enrolment fees: $199 (FREE FOR YOUR FIRST TERM)

Kit Fees: $299 | Includes: Top | Shorts | Socks | Jumper | Backpack | Hat | Bottle

Unlimited Access Pass: For just an extra $100 you can get unlimited access to all Development Program sessions.

Enrol Now: Click the enrol button, and fill out the online form. It is that easy!

Further Session Details

Times & Age Groups
6pm | Ages 7-10 | Sessions will aim to be split into groups as shown below

  • 7-8 mixed
  • 7-8 advanced
  • 7-8 girls
  • 9-10 mixed
  • 9-10 advanced
  • 9-10 girls

7:05pm | Ages 11-16+ | Sessions will aim to be split into groups as shown below

  • 11-12 mixed
  • 11-12 advanced
  • 11-12 girls
  • 13-16 mixed
  • 13-16 advanced
  • 13-16 girls

Development Program Curriculum

Adelaide’s Skills & Athleticism Soccer Development Program | Mastery Football Academy

Ten Week Cycle

Passing & First Touch

  1. Back Foot Control
  2. Receiving on the half turn
  3. 1 Touch Bounce/Set
  4. Passing & receiving with the laces
  5. Hitting and receiving a long high pass
  6. Curving a long pass: Outside & inside foot
  7. Receiving and passing at full sprint –
  8. Receiving with alternative parts
  9. Receiving under pressure away from the defender
  10. Receiving & turning with a defender behind

1v1 (Beating & Defending Opponents)

  1. 50/50 challenge
  2. 1v1 in a tight area
  3. 1v1 in a big area
  4. 1v1 back to the defender
  5. Protecting the ball
  6. 1v1 jumping challenges
  7. 2v1: two attackers
  8. 1v2: 1 attacker
  9. 2v2
  10. Beating multiple defenders


Ten Week Cycle


  1. Laces Power Shot
  2. Inside Placement Shot
  3. Turning & Shooting
  4. Finishing from crosses
  5. Headers
  6. Receiving and shooting on a full sprint
  7. Control aerial ball with quick finish
  8. Shooting under pressure
  9. Free Kicks
  10. Penalties

Dribbling (Running With The Ball)

  1. Ball Mastery & Skills
  2. Dribbling at speed in space
  3. Dribbling in tight areas 
  4. Dribbling 45-degree change of direction 
  5. Dribbling 180 degrees COD (turn)
  6. Ball Mastery & Skills
  7. Dribbling at speed in space
  8. Dribbling in tight areas 
  9. Dribbling 45-degree change of direction 
  10. Dribbling 180 degrees COD (turns)

Ten Week Cycle


1 & 2: Eccentric Absorption
Teach how to land

3 & 4: Concentric Development
Teach Athletes how to jump

5 & 6: Jump Integration
Teach athletes to jump and land

7 & 8: Continuous Jumps
Teach athletes to do this continuously

9 & 10: Shock Method
Teach athletes to absorb force and then jump

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    Adelaide’s Skills & Athleticism Soccer Development Program | Mastery Football Academy