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There is no better way for footballers to improve their individual ability than Futsal. Our soccer academy utilises the benefits of Futsal whilst ensuring the focus is always on developing individuals to be better footballers. The Development Program in our soccer academy builds players’ technical, physical and mental ability so that they can outperform their competition.

Did you know all your favourite footballers credit their success to Futsal?


What Is The SLM Development Program

Adelaide Soccer Academy | Football Development Program

The Soccer Life Mastery Development Program focuses entirely on the individuals. This part of the pathway is about developing a player as efficiently and effectively as possible so they can compete in the best teams possible. As an individual footballer we must improve all areas of being a footballer:

Technically: Fundamental football skills and techniques
Physically: Speed, agility, strength and conditioning
Mentally: Decision making, game awareness and knowledge

Futsal is a development tool that is used in all the most skilful countries. There is a reason why all the best footballers from around the world contribute their success to Futsal. Their are endless benefits of Futsal. It increases the speed at which players can develop all the areas of football that are needed for an individual to thrive in a competitive team.

Which is why it is the first step in the Soccer Life Mastery Player Pathway.

Here Is What Your Favourite Footballers Say About Futsal!

Adelaide Soccer Academy | Football Development Program

Cristiano Ronaldo

“During my childhood in Portugal, all we played was futsal. The small playing area helped me improve my close control, and whenever I played futsal I felt free. If it wasn’t for futsal, I wouldn’t be the player I am today.”

Football academy for soccer development adelaide

Lionel Messi

“As a little boy in Argentina, I played futsal on the streets and for my club. It was tremendous fun, and it really helped me become who I am today.”

Neymar Jr

“Futsal helps a lot because you need to think quickly. It’s a more dynamic game and today in Europe, there’s not much space so you need to think quicker and Futsal has helped me a lot with that. Futsal is one of my passions.”

The List of Footballers Raving About Futsal Continues!

Click here to see even more professional footballers talk about how they contribute their success to Futsal.

Futsal is the real deal. The consistent pattern of high level footballers playing Futsal during their youth development is no coincidence. We utilise the benefits of Futsal whilst ensuring the focus is on developing outdoor football players.


Session Details

Adelaide Soccer Academy | Football Development Program

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Our Special Promise

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THE Parks Recreation Centre (Inner North)

Kilburn Community Centre (INNER NORTH)

Term Dates:
3rd February – 7th April

Session 1
Thursday 5.25pm U7/U8
Coach Inacio
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Annesley Junior School (CITY SOUTH)

Assistance & Troubleshooting

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Phone: 0423619188
Kyle Theodoroulakes

The Benefits of The Soccer Life Mastery Development Program

Football Academy For Soccer Development | Adelaide South Australia

Rapidly Develop Your Technical Soccer Skills

There are less players per group which means every participant will get an increased time with the ball.

Adelaide soccer players can spend hours at training and receive the ball only a fraction of the time they receive it during our Futsal sessions.

The more a player is involved, the quicker they will improve.

Develop Their Perception-Decision-Execution (PDE)

PDE, commonly known as decision-making and game awareness is the most important ability a player can have when trying to go to the next level.

Unfortunately most soccer coaches in Adelaide find it difficult to train it effectively. We ensure the development of PDE through a specific training structure that promotes intense and engaging game-like situations.

Increase Your Physical Speed, Strength & Agility

We like to say that Futsal is soccer on steroids. I urge you to visit one of our sessions to see for yourself.

Our Adelaide Futsal sessions are fast and intense. Constant changes direction which promotes the development of agility.

We also help players overcome their fear of tackling and using their body to win and protect the ball.

Feedback & Reviews | Soccer Life Mastery

Soccer Academy For Football Development | Adelaide South Australia

Soccer Life Mastery Player Pathway

Soccer Life Mastery Academy Programs | Adelaide, SA

Step 1:  Development Program | Rapidly Improve As An Individual Player

Without a doubt, the SLM Development Program is the most efficient and effective way for players to improve all-round as footballers. This is because we are utilising the benefits of Futsal whilst ensuring the entire focus is on individual development for football. For players that need intense individual development, the SLM Development Program is the gold standard.

Step 2: Advanced Program | The Next Level of Training & Professionalism

Once a player has developed through the SLM Development Program,  they may be invited to join the SLM Advanced Program. This is an outdoor football program where the focus is now on the team. As this is step 2 in our program, every player involved should be of a high standard in regards to individual ability. Thus now it is time to teach players the game knowledge they need to understand and play football at the next level. This is to prepare our players to compete as a team at the highest levels in statewide, national and international tournaments.

Step 3: Participate in Statewide, National and International tournaments and continue to develop.

We participate in the Adelaide Premier Academy League. A league that provides the highest levels of competition in Adelaide. Where each Academy puts forward their most advanced teams to compete.

We also will be attending the Academy Premier League National Cup where will be competing against the best academies from all around Australia. This is the single most effective way to get a player in the face of many reputable coaches and scouts. Not to mention giving players the experience of playing against the highest level footballers from all over the nation.

International tournaments will be something of the future but we are very excited for them.

Step 4: Be assisted and guided by the Soccer Life Mastery Agency.

This is a developing project that is still in the beginning stages. However, we aim to guide players through our system and feed them into our developing network. This will be a key part of our player management system where we aim to help players achieve their goals and sign to the clubs they’ve always dreamed about.

How Do I Get Started | 3 Simple Steps

Football Academy For Soccer Development | Adelaide South Australia


1. Register the player's Interest

Click “Choose Your Session” and find the session you want to join.

2. Receive Confirmation Through Email

Complete the registration via the secure online system.

3. Come To The Weekly Training Sessions

The player can begin training at the Soccer Life Mastery Development Program