Elite Program (Invite Only)

Train and compete with elite players and be taught be elite FFA & UEFA B licensed coaches

Mastery Football Academy | Premier Academy League Competition | Adelaide, SA

Learn About Our 2025 Invite Only Elite Program

Our Reviews & Success Stories

We have countless positive 5-star reviews from families around Adelaide.

Our success stories include

  • The youngest player to debut for Adelaide United
  • Dozens of players have been selected by state teams and NTC squads, Women’s NPL.
  • Players have become the top goal scorers in their league
  • Some have won the Most Improved Club Player of the Year after joining us.

About The Program

An annual commitment that includes training and competing as an elite team year-round in all four school terms. Players must express their interest to trial or be invited to this program.

The program includes one team training session and one Saturday match per week to ensure that there are no clashes with your club soccer and that any advanced player can be available for the program

We aim to only have one team per age group to ensure that the players are of the highest quality and that they get full attention and personal coaching from our Academy Director (Kyle). However this does mean that many players will not be selected. Regardless, we encourage you to attend the trials to test yourself and so that you can get feedback.

  • North Team Trials
    • Monday, September 23 & 30
    • Salisbury Villa Football Club
  • City Team Trials
    • Tuesday, September 17 & October 1
    • Oval opposite 166 Greenhill Road, Parkside

Cost of annual program (4 terms of matches + training) = $1800


Train With Elite Teammates

  • One dedicated elite training night to ensure all of your elite teammates are present training with you.
  • Monday training for north teams at Salisbury Villa SC
  • Tuesday training for city teams on the oval opposite 166 Greenhill Road, Parkside
  • 6pm training for ages U7 to U10
  • 7:10pm training for ages U11 to U14

Compete as a Team in The Academy League

  • Compete against other academies in the Independent Football Australia Cup.
  • Compete on Saturdays in all four school terms.
  • One tournament and approximately 12 games per term.
  • Approximately 48 games per year

Video Match Analysis

Video Analysis Masterclass: Video Match Recording & Analysis to help players improve their game intelligence and understand how to position themself and make better decisions and actions.

National & International Opportunities

Priority to attend interstate and international football opportunities so players can experience competing and learning from some of the best players and coaches in Australia and the world.

April: Spain Experience
July: Melbourne Tournament
October: Gold Coast Tournament


End of Term Player Reports

Player Feedback & Mentorship reports to help players understand their strengths and weaknesses so players know how to improve.

Homework Programs & Information

Access to over $1000 worth of online content from some of the best sources of information. 


  • Nutrition Information
  • Skills Programs
  • Athleticism Workout
  • Recovery Routines
  • Mindset Masterclasses
  • Much much more!

Mindset Mastery

Journal & Program to help players build their vision, set goals, create healthy habits, track their training, and cultivate a positive mindset. Mindset Masterclasses on how to build the mindset of a professional footballer.

Game Intelligence Masterclasses

Game Intelligence Mastery: Football Theory Masterclasses on positions, football terminology, formations, tactics, decision making and more!