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CITY & NORTH Locations | Park 19, Elizabeth, Salisbury 


What Is The Adult Soccer Program

Adelaide’s Adult Soccer Training Academy For Ages 18 to 50 | Mastery Football Academy

Basic Information

Suitable For: Ages 18-50+

Social/Beginner Groups: For adults looking to develop, have fun and socialise. Stay fit, play soccer and form friendships!

Experienced/Advanced Groups: For experienced players looking to develop their skills & athleticism further

Term Length: This programs coincide with school terms

Duration: 1-hour sessions

Why Choose This Program: 

Stay Fit & Meet Like-Minded Peers: This is a great way to stay fit, play football and bond with like-minded peers in a football focused environment.

Individual Focused: If you’re an individual looking to game to the next level, then you are at the right spot. Club programs are about helping a team perform better whereas this academy program is specifically designed to only focus on the individuals’ development.

Strength & Conditioning: Athleticism and injury prevention is an important part of the game. This is why we aim to have a strength and conditioning coach at every session.

Surpass Your Peers: Join now and watch your skills, athleticism and confidence quickly surpass your peers and competition.

Proven Success: Don’t believe us? Look at all the success stories and testimonials that we consistently achieve so you can be certain you have chosen the right program.

Sessions / Locations To Choose From

City: Tuesdays & Thursdays at Park 19 (Adelaide Comets OLD Grounds)

North: Wednesdays at Elizabeth Grove Soccer Club

North: Fridays at Salisbury Villa Soccer Club

Times & Groups
Depending on numbers players will be split into social and experienced groups. Players can change groups.

How To Get Started

Enrolment fees: $199 (FREE FOR YOUR FIRST TERM)

Kit Fees: $299 | Includes: Top | Shorts | Socks | Jumper | Backpack | Hat | Bottle

Unlimited Access Pass: For just an extra $100 you can get unlimited access to all Development Program sessions.

Enrol Now: Click the enrol button, and fill out the online form. It is that easy!

What To Expect (10 Week Cycle)

Develop Your Core skills

First Touch

Build Your Athleticism


    Adult Soccer Program Curriculum

    Adelaide’s Adult Soccer Training Academy For Seniors Ages 18 to 50 | Mastery Football Academy

    Ten Week Cycle

    Passing & First Touch

    1. Back Foot Control
    2. Receiving on the half turn
    3. 1 Touch Bounce/Set
    4. Passing & receiving with the laces
    5. Hitting and receiving a long high pass
    6. Curving a long pass: Outside & inside foot
    7. Receiving and passing at full sprint –
    8. Receiving with alternative parts
    9. Receiving under pressure away from the defender
    10. Receiving & turning with a defender behind

    1v1 (Beating & Defending Opponents)

    1. 50/50 challenge
    2. 1v1 in a tight area
    3. 1v1 in a big area
    4. 1v1 back to the defender
    5. Protecting the ball
    6. 1v1 jumping challenges
    7. 2v1: two attackers
    8. 1v2: 1 attacker
    9. 2v2
    10. Beating multiple defenders


    Ten Week Cycle


    1. Laces Power Shot
    2. Inside Placement Shot
    3. Turning & Shooting
    4. Finishing from crosses
    5. Headers
    6. Receiving and shooting on a full sprint
    7. Control aerial ball with quick finish
    8. Shooting under pressure
    9. Free Kicks
    10. Penalties

    Dribbling (Running With The Ball)

    1. Ball Mastery & Skills
    2. Dribbling at speed in space
    3. Dribbling in tight areas 
    4. Dribbling 45-degree change of direction 
    5. Dribbling 180 degrees COD (turn)
    6. Ball Mastery & Skills
    7. Dribbling at speed in space
    8. Dribbling in tight areas 
    9. Dribbling 45-degree change of direction 
    10. Dribbling 180 degrees COD (turns)

    Ten Week Cycle


    1 & 2: Eccentric Absorption
    Teach how to land

    3 & 4: Concentric Development
    Teach Athletes how to jump

    5 & 6: Jump Integration
    Teach athletes to jump and land

    7 & 8: Continuous Jumps
    Teach athletes to do this continuously

    9 & 10: Shock Method
    Teach athletes to absorb force and then jump

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