We Analyse Your Matches

 So that you can fix your weaknesses, develop your football brain
and rapidly improve so you can achieve success as a footballers 

How It Works

Send us a link to the video you want us to analyse with the information about shirt number or anything to identify the player

We analyse the video and send you a link to watch the video analysis

It is easy as that! Best of all, you can from anywhere in the world and we can still analyse and coach you!

Contact on 0423619188 or Academy@soccerlifemastery.com or fill out the online form..


$100 an hour.

As a guide – 60 minutes of video footage will equate to approximately two hours of video analysis.

On a budget? Simply let us know that you only want us to analyse for a certain amount of time. Once we hit that time, we will stop the analysis to ensure you stay within your budget.

We charge per hour, rather than per video as for each match players may get a different amount of game time. Plus, in each game, there may be more or less key learning points to discuss which alters how long the analysis takes.

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Adelaide Video Sports Recording | Match Analysis & Player Feedback | Create & Share Your Highlights

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Benefits & Features

Adelaide Video Sports Recording | Match Analysis & Player Feedback | Create & Share Your Highlights

We Record Your Match

 We come and record your game with VEO 2, which is the cutting edge technology from an industry leader.

We Analyse & Give You Feedback

Our analysts will watch, edit and write feedback throughout the footage so you can identify the areas where you can improve and become a more accomplished player.

Create A Player Profile and Store Your Highlights

Save and store your learning moments and your best highlights so you can always look back on them.  

Share Your Highlights With Coaches, Scouts & Agents

 Easily download/share your highlights anywhere you want, including social media or with other interested parties. 

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