Paid Coaching & Work Experience


Weekly Schedule

  • Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at Park 19
  • Wednesday at Elizabeth Grove SC
  • Friday & Sunday at Salisbury Villa SC
  • Weekends: 8:45am to 12:45pm
  • Weeknights 5:15pm: to 8:15pm


  • $30 an hour for adult accredited coaches. C License (Football Coach), ASCA Level 1 (S&C Coach), Goalkeeping Level 1 (Goalkeeper Coach).
  • Accredited coaches will be given priority in regard to hiring and work hours.
  • Adults that are unqualified are to be on a payment of $25 an hour
  • Coaches under the age of 18 are on a payment of $20 an hour.
  • Full-Day Rate: $200 Flat fee
  • Payment can be increased at any given time due to the high performance of a coach.
  • Existing coaches who have already had their payment increased will keep that pay increase
  • Coaches are expected to arrive and leave on time. 30 minutes before and after the sessions. This is for set up/pack up and meetings/debriefs


  • Performance Reward – Bonuses may be given out at any time for coaches are who going above and beyond to give value to players, parents & the academy.
  • Recruiting A Player = $50 per player – If a new player registers to the academy and mentions that you referred them
  • Family Voted = $50 – Families are given feedback forms and have the option to vote for who deserves the best coach award
  • Coaches Voted = $50 – Coaches are given feedback forms and have the option to vote for who deserves the best coach award

Main Academy Programs

For Ages 3 to 6
Mini Kickers
(The Foundations)

For Ages 7-15
Development Program
(Small Group Training)

Ages 7-15 Advanced
Competition Program
(Matches + Training)

For Ages 16+
Senior Football Program
(Small Group Training)

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Specialist Academy Programs

Girls Only Program

Indoor Futsal Training
Futsal Academy

For Goalkeepers
Goalkeeper Academy

Most Personalised
1:1 Private Coaching

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Specialist Program

School Holiday Programs

3-Day Immersion
Holiday Soccer Clinic

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Holiday Programs

Pathways & Opportunities

Sydney National Academy Tournament

La Liga Valencia CF Spanish Academy Experience

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Football Opportunity

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