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Where Are The Programs Located?

Central Training Schedule
Mondays & Fridays at West Adelaide Raptors Soccer Club (Wylde Street, Adelaide)
Tuesdays  & Saturdays Opposite 166 Greenhill Road, Parkside

North Training Schedule
Mondays at Salisbury Villa Football Club, Parafield Gardens
Wednesdays at Dauntsey Road Reserve, Opposite 64 Woodford Road (Elizabeth)
Thursdays at Mawson Lakes Oval (UniSA Eagles Gridiron Club – Corner of Mawson Lakes Blvd and university bvd)

What Time Are The Programs?

4:45pm – 5:45pm for ages 2 to 5 (Mondays Only)
6pm – 7pm  for ages 6 to 10
7:10pm – 8:10pm for ages 11 to 16

9am – 10am for ages 2 to 5
10:15am  – 11:15am for ages 6 to 10
11:30am – 12:30pm for ages 11 to 16

What Programs & Services Do You Offer?

Our programs cater for ages 2 to 16 from ages 2-5development or elite players to girls only, and goalkeepers.

We also offer experiences such as  Holiday ClinicsSchool Programs,  Private Coaching and International & Interstate Opportunities,

What Are The Term Dates?

Term 129th of January to 25th of March
Term 229th of April to 22nd of June
Term 3: 29th of July to 20th of September
Term 4: 14th of October to 7th of December

Can I Start During The Term If It Has Already Started?

Yes you can join mid-term at any point of time

You can also email and request a credit for the sessions you have missed for the following term.

How Much Do The Programs Cost & How Often Can I Train?
The below prices are for our term programs.


Costs Per Term
3 weekly sessions = $580 (save $140)
2 weekly sessions = $400 (save $80)
1 weekly session = $240 (Save $0)

How Can I Register and Join?

You can register for the full term here:

If you would like to come for a free trial you can book it here: 

Do I Need The Uniform & How Do I Get It?
Uniforms are mandatory. You can order uniform from here:  

You can try sizes on at any training sessions. Once your order your sizes we will bring the uniform to your training session for collection.

Ask any of the coaches for your uniform and they can assist you. Please allow 1-2 weeks.

What Ages Are Suitable For The Academy?

We offer various programs for ages 2 to 16

Mini Kickers || Ages 2 to 5

Training Program || Ages 6 to 16

How Do I Notified With Cancellations On The Heja App

All cancellations and important notices are posted on the Heja app.

See our tutorial help page here 

What Professional Pathways Does The Academy Have?

We have two key relationships that provide a pathway for our academy players.

  1. Valencia CF (LaLiga – 1st division Spanish Club)
  2. CF Cracks Academy (Private academy that feeds into Valencia CF)

Step 1 of our pathway includes a two-week opportunity to meet the club and academy coaches, players and staff.

Step 2 of our pathway includes an individual opportunity for players to stay with a host family and be a part of the academy long-term.

This two-step system allows players and families to become familiar with the club and academy staff, coaches and players before making the jump to immerse themself in the Spanish football system.


How Can My Child Play Real Matches?
Our term programs are great. However, joining the annual Elite Program should be the goal for all players.

Players must trial in September to be selected for the Elite Program as it is designed for advanced players.

It includes training and competing as a team in tournaments and matches against other academies in Adelaide but also interstate and international.

How Are The Players & Groups Split?
We split the players into suitable groups to ensure the best possible experience.

We take into consideration skill level and age.

We may move players to different groups to challenge them or build their confidence.

Will I Always Have The Same Coach?
Players will learn and improve more when they receive coaching from various coaches.

Although you may be used to having only one coach for a year at club soccer, do not be alarmed if your child has multiple coaches throughout the term and year.

All of our coaches have their own experience, style and unique knowledge to share with the players.

Players can massively benefit from learning from a wide range of coaches. We have coaches with qualifications from Brazil, Colombia, Australia, Spain, etc.

All our coaches live and breathe football coaching so much that we video record and analyse our sessions to continue enhancing our ability to coach.

Only if you wanted to teach a group of players a specific way to play as a team would a single coach be necessary.

However, academy coaching is all about developing each individual to perform, not the team so having a variety of coaches is very beneficial and key to success.


How Can My Child Receive Feedback?

Although end-of-term report cards are exclusive to our Elite Program players, we are always more than happy to talk.

So feel free to ask your player’s coach about how they are doing.

They will be able to give you a verbal assessment on their development.


Can I Come For A Trial Session First


But you must book your free trial session. You can do that here: 

Do You Offer Holiday Programs?

Yes, we also offer experiences such as Holiday Clinics,

We also offer School Programs,  Private Coaching and International & Interstate Opportunities,

Do You Offer School Programs?

Yes, we also offer experiences such as School Programs, which includes OSHC vacation care, after school programs and during school prograns.

We also offer Holiday Clinics,   Private Coaching and International & Interstate Opportunities,

How Do I Update Or Cancel My Registration

You can update or cancel your registration online here:

Is there training tonight or this week

Training is only on during our term dates.

However, make sure to stay updated and look through all Heja posts regarding any cancelled or catch up sessions.

Learn about our Heja chat here: 

See our 2024 term dates below

Term 129th of January to 25th of March
Term 229th of April to 22nd of June
Term 3: 29th of July to 20th of September 
Term 4: 21st of October to 13th of December