OSCH & Vacation Care School Programs

Soccer programs for OSCH and Vacation care school programs in Adelaide

What You Need To Know About Our School Programs

Adelaide’s OSCH & School Holiday Vacation Care Soccer Clinics

What To Expect

Qualified, experienced and organised coaches

Soccer clinics that are engaging, safe and inclusive

Coaches that are fully equipped and well prepared

$10 per participant | Minimum 10 participants

What You Should Know

We can tailor the program to your school’s needs

Our team of coaches have ran hundred’s and hundred’s of OSCH & vacation care clinics in Adelaide and Internationally

Our coaches know how to keep all spectrums of experience levels engaged and excited

How To Get Started

Click the green button and fill out the form.

Otherwise, contact us directly at;
Email: Programs@SoccerLifeMastery.com
Phone: 0423 619 188 (Kyle)

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Adelaide’s OSCH & Vacation Care School Soccer Clinics