Elite Performance Workout Program


Australian Dollars ($47)

This program is only for players that are serious about becoming a pro footballer.

  • 12 week long program – 3 progressively harder phases (4 week blocks)
  • 18 completely different workouts ( 3 workouts sessions per week )
  • Up to 8 different categories of exercise per workout, eg. speed, strength, injury prevention, Core etc
  • 100+ different exercises in this program alone!
  • Each workout with a duration of approximately 1 hour long.

Designed To Maximise Athletic Performance

For Players Who Are Ready To Reach Their True Potential

Bonus Warm-Up and Recovery Routines

Not Convinced?

Have a look and try phase 1 of the program

What Should You Expect From the program

Elite Performance Program Is an all access program where there is zero restrictions on the user with the purpose being to become stronger, faster, fitter and more powerful. It is solely to turn a soccer player into an elite athlete. With specific exercises with precise amount of reps, sets and rest ranges to ensure our goal is met.

Along with specific injury prevention exercises to minimise common ankle, knee and hip Injuries along with all muscle tissue related injuries.

This is an all inclusive program which outlines warm-up and stretches to do ensure the prevention of injuries and the quickness of recovery in-between sessions

As a football/soccer organisation we specialise in development of football players. Thus we understand that we need to spend as much time as possible with the ball and maximise a small amount of time in the gym. We have to maximise our time in the gym so we reach our full athletic potential while also allowing the play to master his/her skills on the pitch.

In order to maximise our time in the gym and not waste our efforts is to firstly understand the goal in mind and what the user is trying to achieve. Secondly the program has to be football/soccer specific. Then we must design and manipulate the exercises, reps, sets and rest periods in  a way that we can achieve that goal on a scientific standpoint. 

Only if we put all the pieces together of a soccer-specific program we can maximise our time and truly reach our athletic potential as a soccer player and athlete.

Outline of the Program

Just like most, this is a 12 week program. Broken up into 4 week phases. 3 phases in total. Each phase progressively building upon the previous, getting more and more advanced.

Phase 1 is about getting a foundation down. Mostly body weight movements mixed with plyometrics to make sure that the program is safe for all users regardless of experience.

Phase 2 Is introducing more strength training with plyometrics as always. Beginning to strengthen our muscles while continuing to work on our explosiveness and speed.

Phase 3 is the final stage where we look to maximise our athletic performance. Mixing strength, speed and endurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Don’t Know What The Exercise Is Or How To Do it!

Type in the name of the exercise in Youtube! For example —> “dumbbell Reverse Lunge Exercise”. If all else fails! Get In Contact with us at SoccerLifeMasteryAcademy@gmail.com

How many times a week do I workout?

If the workout says “week 1 & 3” you do the work out in the first week and the third week. If the workout says “week 5” you do the workout in week 5. Generally you complete the workouts from top down.

When do I move onto the next exercise of the program?

You complete the program left to right! There are 2 ways you can do the program! You can complete the program one exercise at a time. Or you can complete it like a “Circuit”, doing all the exercises one after the other without fully resting.

What Does Reps Mean?

When the program shows how many reps to do it is telling you how many times or how long to do the exercise before resting!

What Does Rest Mean?

This shows how long to rest before after completing all the reps!

What Does Set mean?

This shows how many times you have repeat the process! Reps + Rest x Sets = Completed Exercise

Example of Reps + Rest x Set + Completed

For example! Exercise Bicep Curl:  8 reps, 1 minute rest, 3 Sets..

This means you will perform 8 bicep curls, then you will rest for 1 minute. Then you will perform 8 more bicep curls. Because it says 3 SETS. You perform the process of Reps + Rest x 3 times

What Does “Work To Fatigue” Mean

This simply means that you do the exercise until you are too tired to do it any longer. That equals 1 set.

How Much Weight Or Resistance Do I Use For Each Exercise?

If an exercise specifies “5 Reps” you must use enough resistance to where you are unable to do more than 5 reps. If you try an exercise and you manage to do 7 reps before fatiguing, you must use more weight/resistance

What Do I do if I can’t do the exercise?

If an exercise is simply too hard to do, skip the exercise! Find an easier alternative or get in contact with us!

What Do I Do If its too HARD or EASY to do all the Reps & Sets

Change it! Take more or less rest! Do more or less Reps & Sets! It is customisable!

Phase 1 & 2 is too easy! What do I do?

The program is designed so that anyone of any experience level can do the program from start to finish. HOWEVER if it is easy, you can skip straight to Phase 3 and every week or two slowly progress the amount of weight you use for each exercise.


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Free Sample Of The Muscle Building Workout Program For Footballers

You will receive Phase 1 of the program. 

Success! We hope you enjoy the sample enough to purchase the FULL Program! Phase One is the beginner phase.

Free Sample Of The Elite Performance Program For Footballers

You will receive Phase 1 of the program. 

Success! We hope you enjoy the sample enough to purchase the FULL Program! Phase One is the beginner phase.

Free Sample Of The No Equipment Needed Workout Program For Footballers

You will receive Phase 1 of the program. 

Success! We hope you enjoy the sample enough to purchase the FULL Program! Phase One is the beginner phase.