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Mastery Football Academy | Soccer, Futsal & Goalkeeper Training Programs For Girls & Boys | Adelaide, SA

Football Brain Masterclass | Veo 2 Camera + Premium Analytics

Our Veo 2 Camera + Pro Veo Analytics allows players to see exactly what they are doing right and wrong so they can improve faster than anyone else. With Veo Pro Analytics players can swiftly see and download their best highlights so they can share with friends, coaches and agents.

Athleticism Masterclass | Catapult Sports GPS Trackers

We have invested in 30 Catapult One GPS Trackers so that players can learn about sports technology whilst getting the full benefits of it. We can track progress on how fast they run & how many impactful moments they had. Plus track progress on their fitness and how hard they work. We can even generate reports so players can use this information to see progress and show coaches/clubs/agents their physical capabilities and output.

Mindset Masterclass | Guest Speaker + Mindset Mastery Book

We help our Academy players build the right mindset so they can achieve success in football and any other area of their life!

We had a guest speaker talk about the importance of developing good habits, staying focused on your goal, avoiding distractions and temptations, having good role models and positive peer groups and so much more!

Academy Director Kyle took the players through our very own Mindset Mastery book to help players understand their goals, how to self-analyse your own ability and so much more!

See Our Mindset Mastery Book! 

Have a look at our brand new Mindset Mastery books that we created from scratch to make sure that they are PERFECT for our academy players!

The book teaches players about setting goals, understanding their dreams and goals, self analysing, and tracking progress on their development each week, and so much more!

Many players love video games such as FIFA. Many kids know that the more you level up your video game character, the better success you can get. Our message as an academy and in the book is that life is the same, and you are the character!

So if you turn off the video games, focus on levelling up yourself you will begin to see how much progress you will make in your football journey! 

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Adelaide Soccer Academy | Professional Coaching & Training | Mastery Football Academy

We Go Above & Beyond To Coach & Mentor Players

Mastery Football Academy | Soccer, Futsal & Goalkeeper Training Programs For Girls & Boys | Adelaide, SA

See Our Mindset Mastery Book!

See How Our Players Learn From Video Analysis 

Unlimited Training Pass
Access to 6 days of training per week. 4 skills & 2 strength & speed sessions

Main Academy Programs

For Ages 3 to 6
Mini Kickers
(The Foundations)

For Ages U7-U16+
Training Program
(Small Group Training)

Ages U7-U14 Advanced
Competition Program
(Academy Season 2023/24)

Additional Programs

Become Faster & Stronger
Strength & Speed Program

Girls Only Program

Indoor Futsal Training
Futsal Academy

For Goalkeepers
Goalkeeper Academy

Most Personalised
1:1 Private Coaching

School Holiday Programs

3-Hour Immersion
Holiday Soccer Clinic

Pathways & Opportunities

Premier Academy League National Cup

Diamond League 3 Day Tournament

La Liga Valencia CF Academy Experience

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