School Futsal Programs

Our School Futsal Program helps schools provide a solution to parents and students that are searching for a fun, skilfull and engaging sports program

 Kids playing video games too often?

Tired of getting dirt stains out of their clothes?

Need to improve their gross motor & social skills?

Don’t want your kids getting sick in the cold & rain?

Fed up with muddy shoes & ruining your house & car?

About Our School Futsal Programs

Types of Programs

  • Primary School: After School Futsal Program
  • Secondary School: Specialist School Futsal Program (During School Hours)
  • Secondary School: School Futsal Academy (After School Hours)

About The Head Coach
Kyle is a fully qualified and licensed Futsal coach. He has represented South Australia in the 2020 National Futsal Championships that were held in Canberra. He has created and currently runs the Soccer Life Mastery Futsal Academy and also separate programs for schools and soccer clubs.

The Link Between Soccer and Futsal

In Australia, Soccer is mostly a Term 2 and Term 3 Winter sport. During Kyle’s coaching career, he has been told by countless parents that once soccer is over their children start playing video games because they do not like typical summer sports.

Our head coach has played soccer for 4 years in Italy. He noticed Futsal was the sport that everyone played in the off-season because of how enjoyable and effective it was at improving players.

Our school Futsal program allows schools to provide an additional sport to their students whilst knowing that it will be quickly adopted and appreciated by not only soccer players but by others too. Soccer is the biggest sport in the world and is it growing rapidly in Adelaide.

  • Soccer parents understand it is a very competitive sport. They are always looking for programs that can help accelerate the rate of improvement for their children.
  • Casual parents are looking for ways for their children to stay active, have fun, socialise and stay off the video games.
  • Soccer players are looking for alternative ways to keep playing their favourite sport. Some players want to keep having fun whilst others are serious about becoming a professional player.

As a school you are able to give players and parents what they are looking for with the school Futsal program that we run.  

What Is Futsal & What Are The Benefits

Futsal and the Benefits

Futsal is traditionally an indoor game between 2 teams of 5 players – 1 goalkeeper and 4 outfield players. The basic rules are identical to soccer. You must use your feet, there are boundary lines and the aim of the game is to score a goal in the opposing teams net.

The sport in itself is fast paced and incredibly enjoyable to play. It is also a phenomenal tool for soccer players. Our program allows the school to provide a widely loved sport to their students. Futsal is loved by experienced soccer players but also players with no experience in soccer. Soccer is played outdoors in a big space with lots of players. I have seen many players feel left out and disinterested in sport because they could never get the ball.

Futsal is played indoors on a smaller court and with less players which allows everyone to be involved, have fun and not feel left out. Not to mention as a school and organiser, not having to constantly worry about Adelaide weather ruining sessions due to heavy rains or a scorching sun is a bonus.

Structure of the School Futsal Program

Primary School Futsal Program

The Primary School Futsal Program is an introductory program for young participants. It is about instilling the passion to play sport while focusing on developing the fundamental skills of the sport. Our Primary School Futsal Program and coaching philosophy is about building confidence and self-esteem of all the participants so they can succeed in sports and academics. This school sports program has a strong emphasis on not only improving gross motor but ensuring we are promoting healthy social skills. In a world of technology,  we aim to build the students’ desire to engage in more sports and physical activity. This can only be done if the program is fun and engaging. 

Week 1: Running With The Ball

Week 2: Trapping The Ball

Week 3: Striking The Ball

Week 4: 1v1 (Beating A Player)

Week 5: Running With The Ball

Week 6: Trapping The Ball

Week 7: Striking The Ball

Week 8: 1v1 (Beating A Player)

Secondary School Futsal Program

The Secondary School Futsal Program is about mastering the fundamental skills and introducing basic philosophies on how to play as a team. However first and foremost the school Futsal program is about instilling the passion to continue play even after the program is over. The only way we can achieve this goal is to put a strong emphasis on keeping the program fun and engaging. Not only is the program specifically designed to engage participants but the coach who runs the program has been trained to do so as well. Our coaching philosophy is to keep the flow of the session moving while giving clear and concise feedback and information when necessary.  

Week 1: Pass & Move

Week 2: Trapping The Ball & Keeping It Moving

Week 3: Playing Out From The Back

Week 4: Shooting The Ball

Week 5: How To Attack In a 1v1, 2v2 Situation

Week 6: Transitioning From Attack To Defence

Week 7: Transitioning From Defence To Attack (Counter Attack)

Week 8: How To Defend As A Team

Why Is The School Futsal Program Beneficial
To Both Schools & Parents?

What Do Parents & Players Say About The Coach & Futsal Sessions

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