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This a soccer-specific Futsal Academy for Vipers FC players only

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Day: Tuesdays
Time: 5pm
Location: St Clair Recreation Centre

Kids coughing & sneezing?

Sick of cold, dark, and rainy nights?

Tired of washing wet and dirty clothes?

Fed up with muddy boots ruining your house & car?

The Vipers Fc Academy is designed to improve soccer players so they can be admired and appreciated by their football coach and teammates.

We do this by utilising the benefits of Futsal whilst understanding the end goal is to be a better football player

What Do Parents & Players Say About The Coach & Futsal Academy Sessions

What Does The Vipers Fc Futsal Academy Include

Improve Your Skills, Technique and Decision Making

The Vipers FC Futsal Academy is one of the best development tools for aspiring outdoor soccer players.

Futsal is quick and intense. It highlights the importance of technique. It helps players agility, physicality, reaction times, quality & speed of decision making and so much more.

For players who want to play at an elite level, Futsal is a must. There’s no better way to increase a player’s intensity and speed of play than participating in the Vipers FC Futsal Academy

Playing Futsal with other aspiring players that push you to become better is the way.

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Kyle (Coach of the Vipers FC Futsal Academy) went on a group soccer to Italy at the age of 15 but unfortunately got injured during a game against Chievo Verona and thus was a failure.

However by the age of 16 , Kyle was officially signed to a Serie C Academy In Italy. He became a resident and played overseas for 4 more years.

Kyle has dealt with agents, trials, hardships, injuries, failures and pains. All specifically relating to the soccer pathway that all aspiring players want to go down.

Experience and knowledge is priceless. Especially when it takes form in a person that young players not only respect but also relate to.

Become a part of the family at the Vipers FC Academy


Build Athleticism & Prevent Injuries

Here at the Vipers FC Futsal Academy we understand the two foundations of an elite soccer player are fundamental soccer ability and Athleticism.

Soccer is a sport, it is a competition. If you have better speed, strength & fitness, you will win. With specific exercises and drills, we turn soccer players into elite athletes.

Paring that up with being technically capable, you are unstoppable, Unless…

Unless you get injured. Injury prevention is one of the most neglected parts of developing a soccer career.

However, the majority of players’ downfall, is injury.

Don’t Rehabilitate a player, simply prevent it. The less time a player trains, the less the player will improve and the more chance they will reinjure.

Meet The Coach & Happy Players Or Watch Our Futsal Sessions

Why Join The Vipers FC Futsal Academy?

Fully Qualified & Experienced Football SA Coach

The coach of the Vipers FC Futsal Academy (Kyle Theodoroulakes) is a fully qualified Football SA State Futsal Coach who in the 2020 National Futsal Championship took the U12 B Team to the Semi-Finals. The team shocked everyone by being the only South Australian Youth team to win a Quarter-Finals that year.

This was due to the coaching philosophy that promotes confidence, team chemistry, and individual development.

The coaching techniques we use at the Vipers FC Academy is to intentionally eliminate fear from the players. This is so players perform better and genuinely enjoy improving and playing.


FSA Futsal License Course
FSA Futsal Certificate Course
FSA Game Training Certificate
FSA Skill Training Certificate
FSA ALDI Miniroos Course
First Aid Certificate

We Create life-time Bonds and Friendships BEtween Our Players!

At the Vipers FC Futsal Academy, we understand the importance of build social confidence and friendships. We intentionally create an environment where we are all supportive, friendly, and continuously smiling and laughing!

The Vipers FC Futsal Academy understands that in order to develop the highest level of footballers we must instil a passion and desire to improve.

This can NOT be done with fear. I speak publicly about my despise for this type of coaching. There is no longevity in it and players lose confidence and thus play scared.

The Vipers FC Futsal Academy promotes creativity, passion, laughter and rapid results for aspiring soccer players.

We take pride in being the best Futsal Academy in Adelaide

Join The Vipers FC Futsal Family Now!

Overseas Pathways & Contacts

Depending on your goal, going overseas is often not the right move.

However, for those who insist on going overseas, read below.

There are two methods. Go over as an individual with an Italian agent/manager or go over in a group tour.

For individuals you must first create a highlight video. If Kyle’s agent thinks you are good enough then he will personally take you on and find you a club in Italy

If you are looking for an overseas experience without the stress, group tours are a good option.

With my contacts in Italy we are organising a Futsal tournament in Rome. Where we will compete in a real tournament, be coached by elite coaches whilst being in the most beautiful city in the world

Why Is The Vipers FC Futsal Academy So Effective At Creating Elite-Level Soccer Players

Due to the limited amount of players per session and small sized court & goals, players are forced to improve and become better. At the Vipers FC Futsal Academy players get more active time with the ball, have to be accurate and powerful in their kicks, agile and fast with their defending, smart with their movements and creative with their attacking skills.

Smaller Court = improved basic skills - quick decision making - tactical movement

The Vipers FC Futsal Academy is played on a small court with restrictive boundary lines. This forces players to have better quality control and passes. Also promotes players to engage in dribbling and 1v1’s.

Due to limited amount of space, players must start using their brain, figuring out how they can be creative in sense of their skills but also their tactical awareness.

The Vipers FC Futsal Academy teaches players to anticipate where to move and where to pass. It teaches players how to create their own space.

In youth soccer, players are gifted with time and space so they are not forced to think and player at a higher level.

Once you engage in one of the Vipers FC Futsal Academy sessions you will realise how exhausting and intense it is. Players are constantly changing direction and engaging in action. There is no wasted time, walking, waiting in lines for your turn to kick and play.


Less players = More involvement - playing Time - Repetitions - HIGH INTENSITY

There are only 10 players per session at the Vipers FC Futsal Academy. This means your player is involved the entire time. The player has more time with the ball at their feet meaning they are getting more practice.

It doesn’t matter if you spend 6 hours at soccer training. If you are not getting involved, you will not develop fundamental skills quick enough, especially for players Under 18 years of age.

Everybody understands the more time you spending practicing your craft the better you get. The more times you pass, control, shoot, dribble and 1v1 the better you’ll become.

Additionally, The Vipers FC Futsal Academy makes player learn how to move when they don’t have the ball. Due to having less players, you have to help each other out, moving off the ball and creating passing options.

Where as in youth soccer in Adelaide you can get away with doing less especially if you verse weaker teams and have a few superstar players who score all the goals.

Eventually once you get to a seniors or a high enough standard, off the ball movement is an expectation.

Small Goals & Heavier ball = Increased kicking power & accuracy

Players go through a steep learning curve when kicking a Futsal ball. The ball is dense and heavy. So when players shoot, they dont get the power that they are used to getting in soccer.

However they are all pleasantly surprised that when they go back to kicking a normal soccer ball their passes and shots feel stronger and more powerful.

Shooting a dense soccer ball past a goalkeeper in a small set of goals is incredibly challenging. The Vipers FC Futsal Academy forces players to be more creative, accurate and deceptive when shooting at goal.

Whereas in youth soccer, players can get away with simply kicking the ball as best as they can in the general direction of the soccer goals.

These are just some of the incredible benefits that get over looked in terms of the Vipers FC Futsal Academy developing elite soccer players.


How Do I Get Started?
3 Simple Steps

1. Register the player's Interest

Click “Go To Registration Form” and submit your player’s interest for the Futsal Academy

2. Receive Confirmation Through Email

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3. Come To The Weekly Training Sessions

The player can begin training and improving every single week with the Soccer Life Mastery Futsal Academy


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